Big damage

Jun. 5

After the wine dinner at my home yesterday, I went to Karaoke and I was broken.

I kept a big damage, hangover from yesterday.

I thought I was going to skip drinking wine today but I did.





1st Okuizumo Vineyards Chardonnay 2014 3500 yen

Actually, I opened this fine Japanese Chardonnay at last yesterday.

It was so fine even though tasting after excellent Burgundy wines.

It’s an outstanding Japanese Chardonnay.

It was good for the damage body, too.



2nd Mariona Alicante Bouschet 2012 950 yen

I thought the high level acidity and organic character was good for my damaged body.

Yes, it is OK.

Tasty, but I couldn’t drink up the whole bottle today.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -