After three straight no wine days

Jun. 30  No Wine Day
Jul.  1   No Wine Day
Jul.  2   No Wine Day
Jul. 3
After three straight no wine days, I got an annual medical examination.
After the exam, let's drink!
1st Cescon Sauvignon del Veneto 2014  1080 yen
I have been waiting for this moment for in these three days.
Wine is so delicious!
What a wonderful drink the wine is!
Cescon Sauvignon is so nice , so fine, so clean, so tasty!
I love wine!
2nd Cescon Pino Nero 2011  1380 yen
I love Pinot Noir!
Well, I didn't taste any Pinot Noir in Languedoc.
AOC Languedoc inspection was the one of the most important purposes in the tour.
There is no AOC Pinot Noir, isn't it?
Anyway, this Pinot Noir is made in Veneto.
Yes, Cescon is!
What a nice Pinot Noir is this!
Sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood!!!
I love wine!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -