Kizan White 2008

Mar. 24

I cooked dinner.



Maguro, Scallop, Avocado and Yamatoimo Tartar



Roast Lamb with Mashed Potatoes



Very good!



1st Kizan White 2008

I want to taste something special wine.

Then I opened this old Koshu wine.

It was a very good, very, very good old vintage.



The color was gold like a Montrachet.

I felt still fresh fruits, good acidity and very complex many kinds of tastes, like am apple pie, marron glace or strawberry short cake, etc.

It was tasty, super tasty!

I was sure again the long mature potential of Koshu.



2nd Tenimenti CIVA Friuli Colli Orientali Schioppettino 2017  Sample Tasting

The red is made from 100% Schioppettino grown in Friuli, Italy.

I was very impressed in the clear and charming red fruits.

The taste was very deep and elegant.

It was a very fine north Italy red wine.

It was very good for the Roast Lamb.

So tasty!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -