The last working day

Mar. 23

It was my last working day as the president of Cave de Relax.



Thank you very much for a long time.


I stay in Cave de Relax as a consultant for a while.



I keep this blog writing.



I had a private family dinner at home.





I opened very special Hokkaido Pinot Noir wines.


Domaine Takahiko 2017 was a perfect Pinot Noir.

The balance of the aroma, the fruits, the acidity and the tannin was perfect.

It was tremendously delicios!



Yamazaki Winery 2007 is my memorial wine.

I visited to the winery in 2008 at the first time.

I was amazed, I was moved a lot by tasting this vintage.

After the tasting, I have been chaising Yamazaki Winery.


I felt very fresh red berries, concentrated fruits and solid tannin.

It was a big style Pinot Noir.

I felt a very big power.

It was a last bottle in my stock.

I tasted memorial wine on the memorial day!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -