A long and busy day

Feb. 9

No Wine Day




Feb. 10

It was a long and busy day.




I wet to Kooriyama in early evening.



I visited to York Benimaru Yokotsuka Store.


There are many Cave de Relax Original Wines.

I am very happy.



Accidently, I met Mr. Yaginuma, who is my old wine friend.



We have had a wine party plan in Kooriyama in the near future.

Let’ s nave a party soon!



Then I moved to “San”, which is a very nice Japanese restaurant near Kooriyama station, and had some business dinner.



We enjoyed very nice dishes with Bordeaux BIO red & white wines.






It was a very nice party.



Thank you very much!



Then I returned to Tokyo by very late Shinkansen.



I arrived at my home past midnight.


Good job!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -