Setsubun Alone

Feb. 2

No Wine Day




Feb. 3

I could approach an Alcedo today.



She got a small fish.




It was Setsubun, the day before calendric begging spring, today.

We throw soybeans as the custom event on the day.


Because "daimajo-sama" went to trip, I through soybeans alone at home.

I felt lonely....



1st Oriol Rossell Cuvee Especial NV 1280 yen

I tasted this Cave the day before yesterday.

Because it was so tasty, I opened this one again.

Well, I was sure again that it was outstanding.

Tremendously, delicious!



2nd  X X X X X

I hid the name of the bottle.

I felt too much sulfur.

I think "daimajo-sama" can't taste this.

I tasted it.

It was not so good.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -