I cooked dinner

Jan. 31

No Wine Day




Feb. 1

Oh! February has already come!


I cooked dinner.


Clam, Octopus and Tomato Bruschetta



Pork & Apple Sauté Blackberry Sauce



Very nice!




1st Oriol Rossell Cuvee Especial NV  1280 yen + tax

It is the best seller sparkling wine in Cave de Relax.

We have been importing this one since 1999, when we opened.

There are so many Cava in Spain.

However, I think it is only one Cava, which is made from organic grape and with the remuage by hand, in this class.

I felt very elegant babbles and pure fruits.

SO tasty!

It was very good for my bruschetta today.



2nd Marquis de Beay Rond Pinot Noir 2017  1000 yen + tax

It is a really, really tasty Pinot Noir.

I think there is no Pinot Noir with 1000 yen which has the same quality of this one.

I love the charming aroma, elegant fruits, nice acidity and comfortable after taste.

It is outstanding!

I want you to try this once.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -