The second day in Hachimantai

Jan. 29

It is the second day of my ski trip in Hachimantai.


When I waked up, I saw a lot of snowing.



Then I went to the slope very early morning.




I enjoyed virgin powder snow very much!




I had a classic style ramen at the ski restaurant at lunch.




Unfortunately, the snowing changed to raining afternoon.

Then I quit skiing and took an onsen bath and a napping.



In early evening, I went down a mountain and arrived at Morioka Station.



I had a very fresh sashimi dish and tasted local sake.




I tasted a bottle of local wine on the Shinkansen train.




After I arrived at Shinjuku, I kept drinking a bottle of sparkling wine at the station bar waiting for a Romancecar.



Very good job today!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -