Better than before

Jan. 7

Finally, I almost recovered for my voice problem.




1st Marquis de Beau Rond Grenache Syrah Rose 2017  770 + tax

I felt chaming red fruits and nice acidity.

The taste was very elegant.

This rose is very pure and natural.

This is Marquis de Beau Rond!



2nd Cave de Relax Beaujolais Villages Nouveau 2019  875 yen

I bought this with the final clearance price.

The Nouveau showed a very good mature nuance.

I didn't feel some metalic nuance that it had when the first arrival.

I felt very nice friuts and acidity.

The balance was better than before.

We have a little stock of this with the super discount price.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -