I went to Toyama

Nov. 29

I went to Toyama by the early morning Shinkansen.





At first, I viditd to Ohsakaya Shimohori Store, which is a new open store of the chain.



They deal Cave de Relax original wines.



There are Kuni-chans.





Then I visited to Ohsakaya Kureha Store, which was remodeled two weeks ago.




There are Cave de Relax wines and Kuni-chans, too.

I was very happy.



As Toyama is a seaside city, there are many fresh fishes.



I had a very nice soba lunch.



Then I moved to Yoshida Saketen, which is a very popular wineshop in Toyama.




Even though Mr. Yoshida, the owner of the shop, is my old friend, it was the first visit here.

We talked about wine and business.



It was a very nice visit.



In the evening, I was invited to a dinner party held by Toyama Vintage Club at Toyama Daiichi Hotel as same as last year.




I chose the wine today.



We enjoyed very good French cuisine cooked by Mr. Senda, who is the chef de cuisine.






The chef is hunter.

 The main dish was bear hand, hunted and cooked by Mr. Senda.



Fortunately, all of the wine I chose got very good reputations.





It was a so nice event.





After the party, I moved to the main bar oh the hotel.

I tasted a local premium whisky "Moon Glow" made in Toyama.



The whisky got the award of "The best Japanese Whisky 2018" by Whisky Magazine in UK.

They were very good.


It was a very nice experience.



Everything was so wonderful today.



Thank you very much!


- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -