The first day of Cave de Relax Winter Sale

Nov. 22

No Wine Day



Nov. 23

It was the first day of Cave de Relax Winter Sale.



Even though it rained hard, we had a long que before open.



We received a lot of customers and got big sales.



Thank you very much!




1st Marquis de Beau Rond Chardonnay 2018 770 yen + tax

I was sure again that Marquis’s Chardonnay was outstandingly tasty.

Daimajo-sama said, “At first, I was disappointed that it was not special wine today. But this white wine is very special. The quality is outstanding in this class!”

Fantastic! You understood.

This Chardonnay has very pure and natural taste.

Yes, I think it is outstanding, too.



2nd Bellecourt Pinot Nir 2017 1110 yen + tax

The red wine is also outstanding in this class, I think.

I like a lot of fine red fruits and acidity.

I have asked to winery may times, “Don’t use any additive, please.”

It is a very natural and clean style Pinot Noir.






- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -