Visit to Fukui

Oct. 28

No Wine Day




Oct. 29

I went to Fukui today.



I took an airplane from rainy Haneda Airport to Komatsu Airport.

The flight was so bumpy.



It might be the bumpiest flight in my life.



Fortunately, I arrived at Komatsu Airport in safety.



Then I visited to a few stores of Honey, the local supermarket chain in Fukui.






I saw different style of the stores.





They will deal Cave de Relax original wines soon.




I stayed in central Fukui town tonight.

Fukui is known for dinosaur fossils area.



Then I had very nice local foods and sake at some casual restaurant.




It was a very nice dinner.





I had to wake up early morning tomorrow.




No Dobon today!


- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -