A Local Festival near My Home


Oct. 4

No Wine Day




Oct. 5

It was a day-off.

I joined in my local festival today.



At first, I participated in a walking event “The history walking in Tsurukawa”.



I was surprised at seeing a lot of participants.




We walked around local remains and old roads.



I got a lot of discoveries near my home.



Then I went to the central event place “Kaguyama”.



That is an old castle near my home.

The place is not public normally.

We can enter there at the festival only.




I saw a beautiful garden.

I joined in a tea ceremony at the main house.




Then I had a nice garden lunch with beer and sake.






At night, the garden was lighted up!



So wonderful!




Finally, I went back home and watched the World Cup Rugby Game, “Japan vs Samoa”.

I tasted white wine and red wine.


Our national team beet Samoa!


It was a so nice day-off today!!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -