Since last night

Sep. 29

I have been excited about the victory, vs Ireland Rugby, since last night.



1st Hans Bear Pinot Gris 2018

I received this German white wine from my old friend, who is a wine agent in France.

Even though the name of Pinot Gris in German is Grauburgunder, the winery named this Pinot Gris, which is the popular French name of this grape variety.

Well, it was very tasty.

I felt very rich fruits, nice acidity and minerals.

The style is very fresh and clean.

That’s just my favorite one.




2nd Domaine Hospices de Beaujeu Regnie 2017

The red is a gift from my old friend, too.

At first, I thought it was “Hospices de Beaune” but it was “Hospices de Beaujeu”.

The Hospices built in 13th Century in Beaujolais.

They has been producing very fine Beaujolais wines for a very long time.

Regnie is one of top cru in Beaujolais.

I like this one very much, too.

I felt very nice fruits, red berries and elegant tannin.

It was a very fine Beaujolais wine.

I well noted that Gamey becomes such fine red wine.


- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -