very sad


Sep. 26

My favorite TV drama will be soon finished.

I’m very sad..



1st Domaine de Pepouy Colombard Sauvignon 2017 1000 yen + tax

This white wine is made in Gaillac South-West France.

I felt very cool & elegant fruits and fine minerals.

The two grape varieties made a very nice harmony.

It’s very tasty.

I think it has an outstanding quality in this class.



2nd Domaine de Pepouy Tannat Merlot 2017 1000 yen + tax

The red is also made in Gaillac.

Tannat usually becomes a heavy and dark red wine.

However, this one is very cool and elegant.

The alcohol degree is 12%, which is my most favorite one.

The winery keeps a cold temperature from the harvest to maceration.

Well, it made wine be very fresh, doesn’t it?

The style is just my favorite.


- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -