Aug. 6

It was a day-off today.

I waked up at 6 a.m. and weeded my garden.

Recently, I weed the garden every day-off morning but I couldn’t catch up the job.

I was so tired.



Then I had a nice sushi lunch at a casual sushi bar near my house.



Then I cooked a part of dinner.


Bonito Carpaccio



The main dish was cooked by daimajo-sama.


Delicious Unagi Rice







1st Fujicco Winery Delaware Sparkling 2018

It is made from 100% Delaware grown in Yamanashi by the traditional method.

I felt strong babbles, natural fruits and slight bitter.

I didn’t feel any bad taste that some Delaware often has.

The taste was very natural and wild.

I like this style of sparkling wine.

It was very good for Unagi Rice.



2nd Asahimachi Wine Kashiwabara Vineyard Late Harvest 2017

It is made from 100% Muscat Bailey-A grown in Kashiwabara Vineyard Yamagata.

Because the vineyard is located in very cool climate, the grape picking is very late.

Then the grapes are matured very much.

I like this elegant fruits, nice red acidity, silky tannin and a long after taste.

I didn’t feel any bad candy flavor that some Muscat Bailey-A has.

It is a very good Muscat Bailey-A.

I think it is one of the top Muscat Bailey-A wines in Japan.

Tasty! Tasty!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -