I would like to buy this

Jul. 7

Even though we were in July, it was a cool and rainy day today.



1st Maria Bonita Loureiro 2018 Sample Tasting

I received this white wine from Vinho Verde in Portugal.

It is made by Mr. Francisco Baptista, who is a friend of Bernardo, the winemaker of Lezirias.

Bernardo came to Japan last month and spent a wonderful time with me

It is made from 100% Loureiro, a local grape in Vinho Verde.

Oh! It is a very tasty white wine!

I like this fresh aroma, nice fruits, fine acidity and sharp minerals.

It is a just my taste.

I am sure again that a good winemaker has good winemaker friends.

I would like to buy this.

So delicious!



2nd Pegos Claros Tinto Reserva 2014 Sample Tasting

It is a sample wine from Portugal, too.

It is made by Bernardo.

He is in charge of the winemaker in several wineries.

Pogos Claros in located in Palmela, a middle-south in Portugal.

It is made from 100% old vines of Castelao, a local grape variety.

It is very concentrated-dense red wine.

Also the taste is very soft, mild and elegant thanks of an organic grapes.

It is a very tasty red wine, too.

I would like to buy this,too.

So delicious!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -