Sample Tating

Jul. 5

I cooked dinner.




Green Salad



Roast Chicken





Very good!




1st Ante Hirpis Falanghina Sample Tasting

I received this white wine sample from Campania Italy.

It is a well-produced white wine.

I felt a white flower aroma, good fruits and nice minerals.

I think it is a very nice white wine.



2nd Pino Nero X Sample Tasting

It is a sample wine from Italy, too.

It is made by a different winery from the first white.

Because of some reason, I can’t explain the details here.

I was sure that it was a very nice Pinot Noir.

The style is cool and elegant.

The body was light.

But it had enough taste as a fine Pinot Noir.


Probably, I will buy this.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -