Kyushu Wine Symposium

Jul. 3

It was the third day in Kumamoto.



I worked at Marubishi Food Show today, too.



I was in charge my wine tasting booth and in charge of the chairman for “Kyushu Wine Symposium”.





The symposiasts were,



Mr. Koji Furuya from Ajimu Wine

Mr. Atsushi Nishimura form Kumamoto Wine

Mr. Seiji Akao from Tsuno Wine




We talked about the Terroir in Kyushu.

Because Kyushu Island has a lot of rain, the Terroir is sensitive how to prevent grape vines from rain, they said.





We tasted Kyushu Chardonnay compared with Hokkaido and Nagano Chardonnay.



Obviously, Kyushu Chardonnay had a fine tropical fruits.

We thought it was the typical Terroir result in Kyushu.



We talked about many interesting topics.




It was a very good symposium.

Thank you very much!



After the event, I went to Giardino Kumamoto, a fine Italian restaurant, very good client of Cave de Relax wine.

Mr. Hayama , the owner of the restaurant, built a small vineyard in 2014 and grows Chardonnay grapes.



I tasted his first vintage “Izumihara Vineyard Chardonnay 2017”.

It was very nice.

I felt good tropical fruits, moderate-natural acidity and good minerals.



Hyama-san, you did a very good job!

I am looking forward to tasting the other vintages near futue.



Then I moved to Kura, a fine Japanese restaurant, and had nice wine dinner with my good friends.






It was a very long day.



I think I did a good job.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -