Tenimenti Civa


Jun. 10


No Wine Day






Jun. 11


I cooked dinner.




Maguro Turtur






Beef Steak




Very good!





1st Tenimenti Civa Ribolla Gialla 2018 2000yen  New arrivals


It is a new arrival Italy white wine made in Furiuli.


I felt high level acidity cause on Ribolla Gialla grape and very rich fruits.




I also felt very, very strong minerals.


Every taste made a truly nice balance at the very high position.


I like such style white wine very much.


Tasty! Just my favorite taste!




2nd Tenimenti Civa Refosco 2017 2000 yen  New arrivals


You didn't see a Refosco single grape variety wine before because the grape has too much acidity.


However, they can control the acidity by the modern wine making technology.


I felt very chaming red berries, fine fruits acidty and silky tannins.


The style is very elegant.


It is something similar to fine Burgundy or Piemonte Barbera, I think.


I like this, too.


So tasty!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -