Temaki-Sushi in Melborne

May  14

In the early morning, I went to Queen Victoria Market again.



I bought a lot of very fresh fishes and Vegetables.





I organized Temaki-Sushi party at my apartment inviting my wine friends live in Melborne.



At first, I was a littele bit nervous because it was the first time I had cooked Temaki-Sushi in forign country.




However, thanks of very high qality ingredients, I could cooked them very well.





Fortunately, everybody enjoyed my cook very much.






Each wine professionals brought their recommend wine.



All of the bottles were super nice.

I was surprised at seeing there were two bottles of Koshu wines.  



It was a marvelously fantastic night in Melborne.



Thank you very much!



- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -