Visit to Yarra Valley

May 13

It was the fourth day in Melborne.


I went to Yarra Valley, which is one of the most famous wine produce areas in Australia.



At first, I arrived at a zoo.

I met Koala and kangaroo.



Then I went to the main street and visited to a popular wine shop.





Then I went to sevral wineries.



I saw vineyards, cellar and wine shops. 




I had some very wonderful experience  at some celllar.







After I came back to my appartment from Yarra Valley, I cooked dinner bliefly.



I cooked ramb.


They were very good .




They are probably the best ramb cook in my life.



Also, I enjoyed very fine Yarra Valley wines.


Very good job


- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -