The first wine in Reiwa

May 1

The new era in Japan, “Reiwa”, has started today.




1st Soleil White 2018  1470 yen

I chose this Japan Koshu as the first wine in Reiwa.

Soleil is a very small winery in Yamanashi operated by Mr. & Mrs. Suzuki, which I visited to last month.

It is the bottom class wine of the winery but the quality is very high.

I felt rich fruits, nice acidity and good minerals.

The style is very clean and comfortable.

The price is super reasonable as the decent Koshu wine.

I made a very good choice as the first wine in the new era.



2nd Soleil Red 2018  1470 yen

The red is made from mainly Muscat Bailey-A and several European grape grown in Yamanashi.

I didn’t feel any bad-sweet aroma, which some NG Muscat Bailey-A has.

I felt many red berries, nice acidity, moderate tannin and fine minerals.

The style is the typical good red wine in Japan.

It has a very high cost performance, too

I did a very good choice today!


- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -