The last day in the year

Feb. 3

No Wine Day




Feb. 4

It was the last day in the year by Chinese Calendar.

It was very warm in Tokyo today.




1st Les Roches Blanches Muscadet S & M Sur Lie 2017  1390 yen

It has really clean cristal fruits.

I like this nice citrus and fine minerals.

Also, I felt a very rich body and sharp after taste.

I am sure that it is a very good Muscadet.



2nd Alpha Loire Pate de Chat Pinot Noir 2017

The red is also made in Loire.

It is made from 100 Pinot Noir.

I remember that it was a light style Pinot Noir when I received a half year ago.

However, I felt a rich fruits and structure today.

It has been changed.

If I taste this by blind, I would say,

" It is Burgundy."

I am sure it is a very fine Pinot Noir.

It sells very well.

Unfortunately, it will be out of stock soon.

The next arrivals are expected next May.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -