The third day in Sado

Aug. 8

It was the third day in Sado Island.

The weather forecast said a big typhoon was approaching to Tokyo but here was a so fine day.



I heard some French person was preparing the wine making in Sado.

Then I went to his Café Restaurant but unfortunately it was a regular holiday.




Then I went to Hokusetsu Shuzo, which is a very popular sake brewery in the island.





I was guided to the cellar by a young sake-maker.





It was a very well-organized sake brewery.








Then I moved to Ryotsu Port and had a nice sushi lunch.




The local fishes were outstanding.

Super delicious!




Then I took an express boat to Niigata.




I had a nice dinner at Recolte a Cave d’Occi, a popular wine bar owned & operated by Cave d’Occi Winery in Niigata.





I enjoyed nice dishes with Cave d’Occi Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.






After the dinner, I took a Shikansen train to Tokyo.

I was concerned if the train service would be canceled by the typhoon.

However, I could fortunately come back to home in midnight.


It was a very nice trip.

Thank you very much!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -