Tasting Sample from Yokohama Winery

Jul. 18

No Wine Day





Jul. 19

I received 6 bottles of tasting sample from Yokohama Winery, which is an urban winery established last year at the central of Yokohama city.



They produce wine by the grapes from Japanese grape grown areas.




1, Koshu White from Yamanshi

2, Kyoho Rose from Nagano

3, Kyoho Red from Nagano

4, Delaware from Yamagata

5, Steuben from Aomori

6, Yamabudo from Iwate




The Koshu is a very fine wine.

I felt very good fruits and nice citrus.




The Kyoho Rose is also very nice.

I felt ripe fruits and very fine acidity and minerals.



The Delaware is very good, too.

I felt very charming fruits aroma, nice acidity and minerals.



These three wines are very good.



The Yamabudo is too much strong for me.

It has too much acidity.



The Steuben and the Kyoho Red is by the way to success, I think.



Anyway, I think they are acceptable as the first vintage in the new urban winery.

Some of them may come to Cave de Relax soon.



I think I must visit to the winery soon.

Thank you for giving me the tasting samples.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -