I cooked dinner

Jan. 6

I went to my favorite temple “Jindaiji” and took a “Goma-Kigan”, which is a fire event prayer, as usual.




Then I cooked dinner.




Seafood, Chicken and Mushroom Gratin



Very good!





1st Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde 2016 1500 yen

What a tasty Portugal Wine is this!

It is a really, really clean style white wine.

I love the fine-delicate fruits taste, too.

It is a truly dainty and deep-complex Vinho Verde.

Outstandingly delicious!



2nd Tenuta Carkini Pinot Nero 2016 2800 yen

I tried to taste Pinot Noir as well.

It is made by a very small winery in Marche Italy.

We started import this fine wine last year as well as the first Portugal wine today.

I love the fine-fresh-natural-crispy red fruits acidity.

What an outstandingly red acidity is this!

Somebody may not like this red acidity but I love this one.

Delicious! Delicious!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -