Only 364 days left

Jan. 2

We have only 364 days left in this year.




1st Domaine Sogga Vignes Francaise Blanc 2016

 As it is a new year, I want to taste Japan Wine.

It is made from six grape varieties from an old estate vineyard of the winery.

It is a natural-elegant style white wine.

But I also felt a very strong power and deep-complex fines.

I am sure again it is an outstandingly fine Japan Wine.



2nd Okuizumo Wine Kai Noir 2016

I bought this at the winery.

It is a very small product.

Kai Noir is a Japanese hybrid grape variety born from Cabernet Sauvignon and Black Queen.

You can't find a fine Kai Noir so often but this one is very good.

I felt very elegant fruits, silky tannin and fine acidity.


It is a very fine Japan Wine, too.

I would like to try to find good Japan Wine in this year, too

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -