A Happy New Year!

Jan. 1


A Happy New Year!



I saw the first sunshine of the year from the window at my home.



Daimajo-sama cooked “Osechi”, which is a traditional New Year’s dishes, as well.





Then I visited to Hase Temple in Kamakura.



It’s my annual event in every New Year.



It was so fine day today.




Then I moved to Kamakura City.



I found some nice Yakitori Restaurant and had early dinner.



I tasted a bottle of Spain white and red wine.



Then I went to Binot, a nice wine bar near Kamakura Station.



I was surprised at seeing “By the glass wine list” today.

There was Domaine Chassorney Saint-Romain “Sous le Chateau” 2006.

“Oh! Can I try this one?”




It was outstandingly tasty!



It was so nice the first day in New Year.




- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -