Japan Wine Symposium in Hokkaido

Dec. 5

It was the second day in Sapporo.



I went to Royton Sapporo to join in Japan Wine Symposium in Hokkaido.





At first, I had a meeting with speakers.




Ms. Miyuki Katori, wine specialist

Mr. Takayuki Soga, the owner & winemaker of Domaine Takahiki

Mr. Katsuyuki Takahashi, the chief winemaker of Furano Wine

Mr. Masahisa Abe, the presentative of Winecraster Hokkido

Dr. Tomoyoshi Hirota from NARO

, and I

 What a gorgeous members are them except me!




There were many audience.



Mr. Ichida, who is the head of Sapporo Taxation Bureau, gave us a opening address.



Ms. Yumi Tanane, who is the president of Hokkaido Wine Academy, talked about a big potential about Hokkaido Wine.



Ms. Nami Hoto, who is the president of  National Reserch Institute of Brewzing and the main speaker today, talked about the new regulation for Japan Wine, how to control for the quality of Japan Wine by scientific approach.




Then our turn came.

We had a panel discussion about Hokkido wine's future.



Every panelers gave very good talks except me.



When others were talking, I was leisure and made a selfie.



Fortunately, our discussion was very welcomed  by the audience.



Finally, we had a big wine tasting party.



17 wineries in Hokkaido held booths there.



I met a lot of fine Hokkaido Wines.



Thank you very much for inviting me for such wonderful event.




After the event, I went to Agora, a fine Italian restaurant at Susukino, with some panelers today and had a nice wine dinner.








Very good job!


- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -