Rubaiyat Nouveau

Nov. 30

No Wine Day





Dec. 1

I can’t believe it becomes December.

No way!




1st Rubaiyat Koshu Nouveau 2017

It’s a very fine dry Koshu.

When I joined in a wine business a long time ago, there were only sweet types Koshu Nouveau.

I want to show this fine Koshu nouveau to many pioneers of late winemakers in Japan.

It’s so tasty!



2nd Rubaiyat Muscat Bailey-A Nouveau 2017

It’s also very fine Muscat Bailey-A.

I didn’t feel any bad candy flavor that some Bailey-A have.

I was amazed by the fine quality.

If I have a time machine, I go to 100 years ago and show this to Mr. Zenbei Kawakami, who is the father of this hybrid grape.

Very, very tasty!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -