Riedel Shop Hakata Hakyu

Nov. 28

It was the second day in Fukuoka.



I went to Riedel Shop Hakata Hakyu.

I talked with Ms. Surnaga, a member of the staff in Riedel Shop, about a wine business recently.




I am looking forward to jointing some event in the future. 



I came back to Tokyo afternoon and worked off a lot of paper jobs.




After I came back home,



1st Araldica Cortese 2016  1030 yen

It was a very clean style of Piemonte white.

I like this fine citrus and nice fruits very much.

It healed my business trip fatigue.



2nd Araldica Barbera 2015 1030 yen

The red was a very clean style, too.

I felt very charming red berries and elegant tannins.

It was so tasty and easy to drink.

It also healed my fatigue.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -