Japan Wine Event in Fukuoka

Nov. 27

I went to Fukuoka to join in a wine event at Whole Square Fukuoka the 3rd Anniversary.







The shop has been dealing Cave de Relax original wines.





At first, I held a wine seminar.



The theme was Japan Wine.



I talked about a basic knowledge of Japan Wine and led a wine tasting.




Then I organized wine dinner party.




I chose fine Japan Wine and Mr. Sinkai, who is the chef de cuisine, cooked fine dishes for the wines.




All guests enjoyed the very fine marriage.




There were many guests who tried to taste fine Japan Wine.



Everybody was surprised at the fine quality of them.






All of the dishes were very, very delicious and showed the perfect marriage.





It was an outstandingly nice party.





Thank you very much for all.



I am looking forward to joining again at the 4th anniversary!



- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -