Domaine de Pepouy

Oct. 4

I had a lot of jobs today.

Then I came back home late.

I was going to drink wine a little but I couldn’t.

I drank as same as ordinal.






1st Domaine de Pepouy Colombard Sauvignon 2016 1080 yen

It is made in Gascogne, South-West France from 50% Colombard and 50% Sauvignon.

All grapes were picked up in the night and produced by “Sur Lie” method.

I felt very sharp fruits and minerals.

It is a very nice dry white wine.




2nd Domaine de Pepouy Tannat Merlot 2016 1080 yen

I felt very, very nice marriage between Tannat and Merlot.

Tannat shows a good structure and Merlot shows a elegance.

It is a really well-balanced red wine.

I like mild tannins and rich fruits.

So tasty!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -