York Mart Higashi-Omiya Opening

Apr. 12

I went to the opening ceremony of York Mart Higashi-Omiya at Hareno Terrace Higashi-Omiya.




The store has new-opened today.




I was surprised at seeing a lot of people lined for the entering the store.




Oh! Too much people came.




I entered into the store from the back door and saw a lot of people were shopping.




I found Cave de Relax wine corner.

I was happy to see many our wine there.




It is a very unique style of shelf.

Wine and cheese are sold together.




Oh! I found me!




Thank you very much!





1st Cescon Sauvignon 2015  1080 yen

I like this elegant fruits, fine citrus and comfortable minerals.

I am always sure that it has a very high cost performance when drink.

It’s a really good white wine.



2nd Cescon Raboso 2015  1080 yen

I love this rich-elegant fruits, silky tannin and fine red-acidity.

It’s a really fine Italian red wine.

I have kept dealing this red wine when I opened Cave de Relax 18 years ago.

I think this 2015 vintage has the best quality in all of the vintages I have ever tasted.

I want you to think as same as me.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -