I cooked dinner

Nov. 23

No Wine Day



Nov. 24

I cooked dinner.


Seafood & Orange Cocktail




Mushroom & Seafood Gratin




Very good!




1st  Kisvin Koshu Reserve 2014  2930 yen

Is this a really Koshu wine?

It is the top cuvee Koshu of Kisvin Winery in Enzan.

Koshu is a gray color grape.

But their Koshu has a green color skin with very small berry.

They looks like a Chardonnay.

I was surprised at the unique taste.

I felt fine citrus, good minerals, rich fruits and comfortable after taste.

It is so delicious.

I want to recommend this for all Japan Wine lovers.

The total production is only 1300 bottles. A little..



2nd Cave de Relax Beaujolais Village Nouveau 2015  1950 yen

Well, the color is so dark.

I have been working in wine business for 33 years.

I am sure it is the darkest Beaujolais Nouveau I have ever seen.

The taste is also very dense and complex.

I am impressed in these elegant red berries and comfortable after taste.

Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!

Unfortunately, it has been already out of stock.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -