15 years

Oct. 20  No Wine Day


Oct. 21

I received Mr. Tazoe and Mr. Yoshida, they are managers of Marubishi in Kumamoto, which is a major whole seller and our sales agent in Kyushu island.

They have been dealing Cave de Relax’s wines for 15 years.

So long relationship!




After meeting about their new wine shop expected opening November, we went to Yurakucho Wine Club (YWC) and had a nice dinner.

It was the second time I had had dinner at YMC in these three days.




They are also professional for meet business.

They gave me a very good reputation for YWC beef steak.




I opened some of fine wines for them, too.



Thank you very much for Mr. Matsuda, the general manager, Mr. Oga, the maneger, and Mr. Tamura, a sommelier in YWC.




Good job!




- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -