Super-fine wine stays

Nov. 29

Even though I drank a lot of super fine wines until late night yesterday, I could wake up refreshingly in the early morning today.

Super-fine wine stays in head but doesn’t stay in body.




1st Lieubeau Muscadet 2017 1380 yen

I felt very fresh fruits, fine acidity and minerals.

It has a typical style of fine Muscadet.

Of course, super-fine wine is wonderful.

However, I also like a nice casual wine like this, too.



2nd Domaine de Bachellery Pinot Noir 2016 1380 yen

This Pinot Noir is made in Languedoc.

I felt dense fruits and tannins, which were the unique character of Languedoc.

Also, I felt nice acidity and fine minerals, which are difficult to find in Languedoc.

I like nice Pinot Noir!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -