Selfie with Pangolin

Jun. 3

No Wine Day




Jun. 4

I received Jose from South Africa.



After business meeting, we had a nice lunch at Tokyo Midtwon Hibiya.  



Then I took him The Cellar Ginza.



We had a selfie with Pangolin.




After I came home,




1st Antugnac Closerie des Lys Blanc 2016. 1080 yen

I need such cool style white wine in this season.

I like this sharp acidity and minerals.

So tasty!



2nd Antugnac Closerie des Lys Rouge 2016. 1080 yen

The red is also very cool style.

I like this elegant touch and fine red acidity.

It is very good for summer time, I think.

Serve this chilly in summer, please.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -