Nara to Kyoto

May 13

It was a heavy rainy day in Nara.


I went to Toshodaiji Temple in the rain.

It is a very old temple in Japan.



There were a few persons there because of the heavy rain.

I was soaking very much.



Then I went to Yakushiji Temple.

It was also a very old temple.



I came here my junior high school days last time.

The temple has been rebuilt a lot.



I was surprised at seeing its big scale.



Then I moved to Kyoto in early evening.



I went to Mamecha, a small Kyoto cuisine restaurant in Ishibei-Kouji.




I enjoyed very good local cuisines.





I chose a bottle of Koshu white wine and Burgundy red wine.

They were also very nice.




It was a fantastic two-day trip to Nara and Kyoto.


Thank you very much!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -