Praivate Trip to Nara

May 11

No Wine Day





May 12

I had a private two-days trip to Nara.

I went to very famous tourist sites.

All of them are World Heritage sites.



Kasuga Shrine



A deer bit my hip.



Kofukuji Temple

I saw many, many, so many national treasures.




I had a nice Unagi dishes at lunch.




Todaiji Temple



I was amazed at seeing the very huge old wooden building.



I stayed at Nara Hotel tonight, which is one of the most famous historical hotels in Japan.



I had a very gorgeous French dinner at the old main dining.





I enjoyed very fine dishes with fine Burgundy.


Domaine Ramonet Bouzeron 2013



Domaine Philippe Charlopin Marsannay 2012





After the dinner, I enjoyed a nice cocktail at the main bar.



It was a voluptuous night.

Thank you very much!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -