Shionoyama Wine Festival

Apr. 14

I went to Yamanashi today.




At first, I walked around Katsunuma Village in the mornig.



I visited to Marusan Winery took 30 minutes on foot.





I bought several bottles difficult to find in Tokyo.



Then I arrived at Haramo Winery.




I met Mr. Furuya, the owner & winemaker, and enjoyed a wine talk with him.



Then I took a train again and went to Enzan City.



I visited to “Shionoyama Wine Festival”.







All of the wineries in Enzan joined to the festival.



Mayu Saito, the winemaker of Kisvin Winery.



Kozo Tsuchiya, the owner & winemaker of Kizan Winey.



Akiko & Masakazu Nakamura, the owner & winemaker of Okunoda Winey.



Nobuyuki Kondo, the winemaker of Gomi Winery.



Shigeyuki Hitayama, the owner & winemaker of 98 Wines.



Yasuhiro Ogiwara, the oener & grape grower of Kisvin Winery.



Toru Wakao, the owner & winemaker of Marusan Winery.



He plays trombone very well!



We enjoyed nice wine, foods and music live show.

It is a so nice wine day today.



Thank you very much!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -