Mr. Francois Brouard from Bordeaux Saint-Macaire

Apr. 6

I received Mr. Francois Brouard from Bordeaux Saint-Macaire.

We went to Ginza with Guy-san, who is an agent of the winery.



We arrived at our new shop, which will soon open with Riedel Japan in Ginza.





Then we went to Ginza Soseki, which is a fine sushi restaurant, and had a lunch.




We enjoyed delicious dishes of the season and fine sushi with Koshu wine.




They made a very nice marriage.



After lunch, we went to Kabuki-za Theater and took a memorial photo.



Very good job!




After I came back home, I cooked dinner.





Green Salad



Roast Vegetables



Grilled Yamayuri-Beef and Takenoko.




Very nice!




I tasted sample wines from Loire and Languedoc.

They were also very nice.


Good Job!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -