Yamanashi Winery Tour

Mar. 10

No Wine Day





Mar. 11

I organized a winery tour for Yamanashi with the members of Club Relax.



The tour had a surplus applications and chose 20 members.




Our bus ran on the highway and arrived at Fujicco Winery in Katsunuma.



We saw the cellar and tasted Fujicco wine.





Then we moved to Enzan and visited to Kisvin Winery.




We were guided to Vineyards by Mr. Ogiwara, who is the owner of the winery.






Then we saw the cellar guided by Ms. Saito, who is the winemaker of the winery.




We tasted Kisvin wine there.




Then we went back to Katsunuma and had a wine lunch at Papaso Lotte.




We enjoyed very nice dishes and fine wines.









After lunch, we went to Rubaiyat Winery.






Mr. Omura, the owner & winemaker, guided us to the cellar and led a wine tasting.








Then we moved to Mercian Wine Museum.




We saw their vineyard and old cellar.




At last, we moved to MGVs Winery.




It is the newest winery in Katsunuma.



We saw the new cellar and vineyards.





We arrived at Shinjuku Station on time.



It was a very hard job but a very interesting tour.

Thank you very much!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -