Mar. 6

I tried to cook Spanish dishes today.






Octopus Carpaccio






Steamed Seafood Paella



We always steam rice never bake.





1st La Croix Gratiot Picpour de Pinet 2016 1380 yen

I was going to open Spain wine but I didn’t have good one.

Then I opened this Languedoc white wine.

Languedoc is next door of Spain.

I like these fine fruits, nice citrus and nice minerals very much.

It was very good for not only oyster but also very good for octopus and escalibada.

Very good!



2nd Gusto Old Vines Monastrell 2014 Sample Tasting

The red was a sample wine from Yecla, Murcia in Spain.

It was made from 100% Monastrell (Mourvedle) old vines.

It was very dark, very concentrated and high alcohol.

Because the paella today was seafood cooking, this red is too much strong.

I think it is very fine Spain wine with very reasonable price.

Dainajo-sama put ice cubes into her glass and said “Tasty!”

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -