Wine Seminar in a Blizzard

Mar. 2

A terrible blizzard came to Sapporo in the morning.



A lot of train services canceled at Sapporo Station.



However my train ran on time to Iwamizawa.




I arrived at Iwamizawa in a blizzard.



I was invited to a wine seminar for wine producers and grape growers organized by Sorati-Area Gorverment as a guest speaker.



About 60 people in wine business gathered at Iwamizawa City Hall.



Mr. Bruce Gutlove from 10R Winery



Mr. Taichi Yamazaki from Yamazaki Winery




I talked about a wine market trend, the position of Sorachi-Area wine in the market, my expectation for Sorachi-Area wine future, etc.


Fortunately, my talk seemed to be welcomed by participants.



I was also interested in the seminar talked by other guest speakers, who were Doctor of Agriculture.



I was happy to join to the very impressive event today.



After the event, all express train services were canceled at Iwamizawa Station.



Then I took local trains and managed to arrive at Sapporo Airport.



I had a nice sushi dinner at the airport .



Then I took a late flight to Tokyo.

I tasted Furano Wine on the plane bought at Airport and poured it to a pet bottle.




Finally, I came back home safety.

Very good job!

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -